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Whipped Shea & Cocoa Butter


Exquisitely whipped combination of Pure Shea and Cocoa Butter for Daily. Moisturizing The Entire Body.

Here are some uses for shea and Cocoa butter:

  • As a regular, daily hand and body moisturizer
  • To relieve dry or itchy skin or eczema
  • To reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars
  • As an effective acne treatment
  • As a moisturizing lip balm
  • To help alleviate skin rashes, burns, and insect bites
  • To reduce skin inflammation
  • To help soothe razor burn
  • As a low-grade sunscreen, and to replenish the skin after sun exposure
  • As a moisturizing hair and scalp mask
  • and more! It’s pretty magical stuff.


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