Raw Black Soap Bars


  1. Alata samina or Black Soap is made from roasted cocoa pods and coconut oil mixed together. Following a traditional recipe the soap helps to restore the natural vitality and balance of the skin. It is used to cleanse, heal, purify, protect and maintain the skin and hair.
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  • How it is made.

The cocoa pods (the husks) are roasted to form ash and this is then added to coconut oil. The two ingredients are pounded together and put into a pot. The mixture is then cooked and as it melts the soap begins to form at the edges of the pot. The hot soap is then put into the sun to dry and cool off. The finished product is tan in colour, is unscented and made from 100% natural ingredients.


Antiseptic – Deep Cleanser – Exfoliates dead skin cells

Benefits of African black soap
1. It is safe for most skin types
2. It has antibacterial properties
3. It may help treat acne
4. It may help reduce fine lines
5. It may reduce the appearance of dark spots
6. It may reduce razor bumps
7. It may help with makeup removal
8. It may help reduce the impact of eczema
9. It may have antifungal properties
10. It has potential moisturizing effects


7 oz (Bar), 13 oz (Bar), 1 lb, 2.2 lbs, 4.4 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 13.2 lbs, 22 lbs, 44 lbs, 66 lbs, 88 lbs